It’s critically important to any company’s success. Without the right marketing strategy and ability to effectively execute it, companies with great products get left in the dust by competitors. Knowing when to bring in the expertise to build a stronger marketing team and the framework you need to reach key audiences with the right messages can be challenging – particularly when you don’t need someone around permanently on a full time basis. Or is it?

Accelerate Marketing specializes in experienced marketing and product management strategy and execution for dynamic, growing companies in the US and internationally. We provide interim CMO services and on-demand executive-level marketing and product management leadership for small to mid-sized companies needing an experienced professional to re-architect teams and infrastructure. Accelerate Marketing helps you by leading efforts to build critical marketing momentum needed for revenue growth.

What companies need the services of Accelerate Marketing?  Companies that:

  • Want to launch new products and services or enter different markets but are unsure whether in-house marketing expertise is strong or experienced enough
  • Have a senior marketing person but are looking for additional executive expertise and an objective perspective to reshape or fine-tune marketing and product management
  • Have expanded their presence worldwide but are struggling to be truly global and manage conflicting market priorities
  • Are losing sales to competitors that have a stronger market presence (or better messaging) regardless of the strength of the product or services
  • Have seen a new competitor come into the market or existing competitors disrupt the marketplace with new offerings
  • Have trouble launching products successfully into the market, or are late to market
  • Launch products that don’t meet the needs of the market or the market doesn’t seem to clearly understand the value of the products and services, often shown by mediocre sales results

If you are struggling with these or similar issues, contact us to learn more about how Accelerate Marketing can help your company gain critical momentum! Because you need to build marketing to build momentum.